At Manesh & Mizrahi, our attorneys represent immigrants before a variety of immigration appellate forums including the Board of Immigration Appeals (BIA) as well as the U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Service (USCIS) Administrative Appeals Office (AAO).

Appeals to the BIA:

If an immigration court denies your case, you have the right to appeal that decision. A local immigration judge’s decision is not always correct, and it is critical that you obtain prompt and intelligent analysis and advice regarding your case and whether an appeal is appropriate. While an alien has the right to appeal a decision of an immigration court, that right is subject to strict deadlines and filing requirements. You should consult an attorney to ensure you do not jeopardize your rights.

Our attorneys prepare detailed and thorough written arguments requiring sophisticated legal knowledge supporting your case. Since there are rarely any hearings or oral arguments during the appeal before the BIA, the written arguments we prepare for you are the best chance to persuade the BIA that the local judge incorrectly decided your case.

Federal Court Appeals:

If you have already been to immigration court and the Board of Immigration Appeals and have not had success, there is still one more option. We can bring your case to the federal courts. Contact Manesh & Mizrahi to learn more about appeals and motions to re-open cases.

Appeals to the AAO:

It is also possible to appeal certain denials of petitions filed with USCIS with the AAO. Alternatively, it may be possible to file an appeal to the BIA or a Motion to Reopen or Motion to Reconsider concerning denials of requests of other immigration benefits before USCIS. If you have received a denial of a requested immigration benefit, you please contact our offices to determine if an appeal to the AAO may be beneficial. If you are eligible for an appeal to the AAO, our attorneys will diligently file an application for appeal and prepare the required legal documents to support your appeal.

At Manesh & Mizrahi we are dedicated to providing you a second chance at obtaining the result you deserve. If you have a question or consultation regarding an appeal, contact us immediately. Time is critical in appeals cases; do not delay.

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