Zohreh Mizrahi

Immigration Law - Los Angeles

With 30 years of experience attorney Zohreh Mizrahi is one of the nation’s foremost specialists in her field. She has served as a zealous advocate, a tenacious representative, and an expert witness on U.S. Immigration Law before the U.S. Federal Courts as well as an honorary speaker at various events and universities. Ms. Mizrahi’s success could be attributed to the insurmountable passion she ascribes to each of her cases; a passion which is only trumped by her unyielding compassion.

For attorney Mizrahi, orchestrating an unparalleled advocacy to help others realize their dreams of becoming naturalized U.S. citizens has been a rewarding experience. Attorney Mizrahi advises on most U.S. Immigration law issues including but not limited to:

- Complex Immigration litigation

- Deportation / Removal Proceedings

- Non-Immigrant Visas

- Immigrant Visas

- Asylum

- Green Card through investment

- Appeals

In addition, Ms. Mizrahi has been and continues to be highly active in the establishment of numerous charitable and non-profit organizations in the United States. She is a frequent media commentator and lecturer on Immigration law as well as a wide host of other issues.

For an initial consultation, please contact us at (310) 843-9494

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